Fresh Fig in Hong Kong

bilvigo fig hong kong
We supply premium quality fresh figs from Turkey to Asia-Pacific countries.

Name: Fresh Fig
Size/Quantity: 12,14,16,18,20,22,25 pcs/tray
Net Weights: 1.7-1.2 kg
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pallet (200 cardboards)
Origin: Turkey
Variety: Bursa Fig / Bursa Black
Season: 15 August – 15 October

Rich Fibre
Calcium and magnesium
A,E,K vitamins


bilvigo fig loose package
Name: Rivoli cardboard package
Size: 14,16,18,20
Cardboard Weight: 1.7-1.2kg

fresh figs 6 pcs
Name:6×9 figs retail package
1 box weight:370-390 gr
Size: 18,20,22
Cardboard Weight: 3.8-3.7kg

fresh figs 4 pcs
Name:4×6 figs retail package
1 box weight:210-220 gr
Size: 20,22
Cardboard Weight: 1.35-1.25kg

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fresh fig slice

fresh fig inside hongkong

purple fresh fig

fresh fig 2017

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